Lift the Mist E course

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Have you ever felt like your mindset was holding you back? Holding you back from being the person deep down you know you could be and stopping you from truly enjoying your horses? 

I've been there! After years of struggling with my own mindset, I knew something had to change, and change it did! Freeing me to achieve things I could have only ever dreamt before. Which has led me to create this E-course for all equestrians (and others!) to help you build a more resilient mindset. The course is made up of 6 sections - 

  • Welcome 
  • Self-worth 
  • Failure
  • Anger
  • Motivation
  • Gratitude 

Within each section are subsections going into many different areas like perfectionism, comparison, inner critic, and many many more. 

Within the course are videos of my own experience, lots of written content to give you wisdom and knowledge, tasks to do in a journal that will massively help your self-development, and also challenge which will push you towards growth. 

We also have a community built into the course which is just for Lift the Mist students geared around cheering each other, sharing our journeys, and making like-minded friends. I will also keep a close eye on this community.  

I am also thrilled to say that 10% of all profits will be going to the incredible charity Stable minds CIC. They are a charity supporting the mental health of all equestrians.