About Me

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Before I could even walk I was riding, but I would say my passion for Dressage started around the age of 13.   From a very young age, I knew what I wanted to do with my life and even though the path hasn’t always been a straightforward one, that vision has never changed.

Aged 16,  I left school to work on a professional yard.   The knowledge and experience I gained there was priceless, spurring me on to learn more and more.   I was privileged to represent Team GB in Juniors and Young Riders, an experience I will never forget.


With the support of my incredible parents, I started working on our yard based in Ledbury around the age of 18. I was lucky enough to train with Charlotte Dujardin for almost 3 years before I met my current trainer David Pincus.   David has had and continues to have, a huge impact on my knowledge and understanding of training horses.


Teaching has always been a big part of my job, but I have decided to push it the extra bit more.   I am now striving to help people see their full potential, really focusing in on a positive mindset.  I myself used to be a very negative person and, after hitting a low point in 2016, I decided to go and find the self-belief I was lacking.  I can hands down say the changes in my whole life, not just my riding, have been dramatic and this is why I have set it as one of my life goals to help people find their self-belief.



– First Aid
– Safeguarding Children (CPD Certified)
– UKCC Level 2 Accredited Coach



– Biomechanics (Centaur)